Special Moments

11 Apr 2019

Special moments are what keeps us alive inside. Being a parent is not easy. Every day we adapt to situations that we never knew existed and it puts a strain on our patience and drains us emotionally. But it is the special moments reminding us of just how wonderful life with kids is.

Out of nowhere, there is a stressful dinner (kids under 4). Noone wants to sit and eat yet everyone is hungry, and it is food you know they love. Food is hitting the floor and getting flung around. You are at your wits end on convincing them to sit and you just take a deep breath and think to yourself, they are going to go to bed hungry. (Continued thought) That isn’t what I want for them but if they are hungry they would have eaten. And in that moment all of a sudden the calm after the storm rolls in. Everyone finally sits and starts eating. The youngest, who just turned two, crawls over to you (bench seat), stands up next to you, one arm then two around your neck and the face softly plants against the cheek. This special moment of time that stands still is what parents use to keep them going.

At that moment, it alound me to see what I couldn’t. The craziness and trying, too hard, to get them to comply with what I wanted them to do had me flushed. But that special moment with my baby girl brought me back to reality and the rest of the meal was taken more lightly. After all, I had to find a way to engage with them, at their energy level, and convert it into constructive energy while also getting them to eat. We played the I spy game and talked about our day. We looked around the room and counted things of the same color and made associations. Special moment are there to remind us and when we listen it can ultimately change our perception.

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