18 Apr 2019

Humor in Your Day

When you have multiple children, you must have a little humor in your day. Life is never perfect. Usually, When we want everything to go smooth, it never does. Find your happy place and keep the humor in your day. My oldest, now 5 years old, is finally starting to play by himself without constant […]

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11 Apr 2019

Special Moments

Special moments are what keeps us alive inside. Being a parent is not easy. Every day we adapt to situations that we never knew existed and it puts a strain on our patience and drains us emotionally. But it is the special moments reminding us of just how wonderful life with kids is. Out of […]

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7 Mar 2019

Timid, Shy, and Introverted

My oldest son is timid, shy, and introverted in ways only a parent would pick up on. I see him struggle emotionally with small things. The fear of embarrassment or not wanting someone to really see him for who he is, but everyday I see him and I see him struggle. He is only 5 […]

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16 Jan 2019

Beat The Winter Time Blues

Vitamin D!!! We all need it but New England has been so cold this year. It’s bone chilling and starting to give my family the winter time blues. I combat this with food and winter clothes. I do know lack of vitamin d can effect moods. So in replacement of the lack of exposure to […]

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16 Jan 2019

It’s ALL About the Magic of the Holiday’s

There is nothing better than a child’s reaction to something they cannot understand, magic. Every year I try to create another magical experience with Santa Clause. Of course, it all starts just after Thanksgiving with the elf on the shelf. I love the idea of the Elf on the Shelf because it adds to the […]

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13 Jan 2019

Life Takes us on a journey

I want to first apologize for taking a break from blogging.  The fall to winter has taken a toll on my family.  Ahh, how life takes us on a journey. My priority was taking care of the health of my children, but I am excited to say I believe we are at the end of […]

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24 Oct 2018

Car Seat Tangled Hair

With three children, every morning is a challenge with timing.  Something is bound to rear its ugly head (no pun intended).  Not only is it hard enough to get everyone up dressed and out the door, then you finally do and the car ride happens.  Car seat tangled hair!  Oh yes, I said it.  Car […]

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18 Oct 2018

Let’s Decorate and Get this Party Started

Fall is always a busy time for decorating.  Normally, I do seasonal decorations but as my children get older I am changing my ways.  Now, I decorate for the holiday.  I want them to enjoy each holiday and really have fun with it.  I did not think it would be this fun.  After picking up […]

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5 Oct 2018

Field trip to the Orchard

As a mom of 3, I never feel like I give enough individualized attention.  I try to schedule time for each child but something always comes up.  That is why when my preschooler had a field trip to the orchard I hopped on the opportunity.  Not only did this field trip give us an opportunity […]

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2 Oct 2018

Blessings All Around

I am blessed to see the beauty in what people do everyday.  I know we all have trying days where it is difficult to see any beauty but there are blessing’s all around.  Not only are we blessed with our children but we are blessed to witness others doing good for each other.  We pass […]

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