15 month old never forgets

22 Jun 2018

I laughed so hard.  My daughter, who is 15 months old and apparently never forgets, was tired and hungry.  All of us were playing in the basement, hanging out so to speak, building tracks, playing music, coloring, everyone was doing something different.  When all of a sudden, my 15 month old decided to crawl up the stairs.  I noticed and followed her but from a distance.  I think she knew I was following her but she acted like she didn’t.  Head forward, crawling with determination to get wherever she was going.  She rounded the corner to the next flight of stairs and headed up.  Of course, I did the same.  When she reached the top, she crawled even faster into her bedroom.  Now earlier, we were out and she fell asleep in her car seat so I carried the car seat up into her bedroom where she would finish her nap.  Because I was keeping my distance, she was in and out of her room holding a graham cracker in her hand and chewing, crawling out of her room.  She sees me and turns around to bring me back into her room where she points at the goldfish in her car seat.  Then picks some up and eats them.  I think my daughter was trying to tell me she was hungry but I would have thought she would have just sat in the kitchen for that.  LOL.  I asked her if she wanted something to eat and she looked at me and started pointing towards the stairs, then began her crawl towards them as if to say come on mom, “I’m hungry!”  As much as we think sometimes children forget or aren’t paying attention, this incidence goes to show when they want something they are determined to go get it!  A 15 month old never forgets

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