As a mom, I try to stay in tune with who I am

12 Jun 2018

As a mom, I try to stay in tune with who I am so I can be the best for my children.  I recently started picking up some side soccer coaching jobs.  I have played for over 34 years. I will never give soccer up, whether I am playing or coaching.  It is only 4 hours a week but allows me to use this as a teaching tool for my children too.  When I go to leave, my children always ask me where I am going.  My response is “to make some money”.  They always ask why and I tell them so I can buy things I want or need.  Hopefully, this instills a sense of accountability and responsibility and even determination in them if there is something they want.  In the moment I leave, I hate leaving them.  But it is good for them too.  The best is when I get home!  As soon as I walk through the door, they are running towards me yelling “mommy you are home”!  I am so overjoyed I can’t believe it, hugs, hugs, and more hugs!  I always tell them I missed them.  My oldest asks, “how was soccer?”  And now, I get to tell them all about it.  I even get more hugs as my oldest turns, hugs me, and says, “mommy, I am so glad you are here”.  I love these children so much!  I just respond, “I am so glad I am here too and I am even happier you guy’s are here with me”.

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