Beat The Winter Time Blues

16 Jan 2019

Vitamin D!!! We all need it but New England has been so cold this year. It’s bone chilling and starting to give my family the winter time blues. I combat this with food and winter clothes.

I do know lack of vitamin d can effect moods. So in replacement of the lack of exposure to sunlight, I fuel the family with eggs and shitake mushrooms. Do not believe in a million years that my children are going to just pick up a shitake mushroom and eat it so here is what I do. I make Salisbury steak, super easy, and buy McCormick mushroom gravy. I dice up shitake mushroom and add it to the gravy! My kids love it! I also do a lot of eggs from spinach omelets in the morning to egg salad for lunch. This one for the most part goes over well but I have also been doing this since they were infants.

Getting outside is very hard. My youngest of course never wants to wear gloves and I worry about her little fingers. I pick and choose the days we go out. More inclined to go out on a warmer day but if we have to we bundle up on those very frigid days. Snow pants, gloves (I try anyway), hats, sweatshirts, and winter coats, you would think they would be sweating. And although this process takes about an hour (exaggerated of course, but it feels like it), deep down you just have to get outside and get some fresh, clean, crisp, frigid air. Don’t let the winter blues keep you down. Find what works for you, supplements are another great option!

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