Blessings All Around

2 Oct 2018

I am blessed to see the beauty in what people do everyday.  I know we all have trying days where it is difficult to see any beauty but there are blessing’s all around.  Not only are we blessed with our children but we are blessed to witness others doing good for each other.  We pass each other every day never knowing what people have experienced, are experiencing, or are faced with for a future experience.  Being polite and respectful are just some of the blessing we can offer each other.  Simple please and thank you, holding the door for each other, giving a hug just because.  Life is short love is eternal.  These are the things I want to instill in my children for hope that the world they will grow in to will be just as loving in return.

And although the hardships seem like they have pushed us to the edge, I have learned they are just a blessing of what lays ahead.  They remind us to slow down and not take things for granted.  They remind us to appreciate everything because life is too short.  Yet they also teach us there are people who do care.  People come together to make us stronger.  This coming together of the simple things is what makes us human.  Don’t let life turn in to a job rather love the life you live by giving your love to others everyday.  Just slow down and you will see there really are Blessings All Around.


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