Car Seat Tangled Hair

24 Oct 2018

With three children, every morning is a challenge with timing.  Something is bound to rear its ugly head (no pun intended).  Not only is it hard enough to get everyone up dressed and out the door, then you finally do and the car ride happens.  Car seat tangled hair!  Oh yes, I said it.  Car seat tangled hair!

Every time I put my daughter in her car seat, her hair is a knotted nightmare when I take her out.  I’ve tried pulling it back, bringing a comb everywhere I go, and just letting it be.  The comments are always fun when you let the hair be.  I am not really sure anyone believes me when I tell them it is from her car seat.  But so be it, I am a mom of three judge as you wish.  So how do you fix this mess of a hair?  I was starting to give up when the fall season hit.  I can’t really say fall, it feels like winter some days.  I bought her a winter coat with a fake fur in the hood.  And there you have it the miracle cure for car seat tangled hair, a winter coat fur hoodie!  So after looking online for any other way to fix my daughters car seat tangled hair, I have to wonder what happens in the spring?  She won’t need her winter coat anymore so how do I keep her hair from tangling.  I have a solution.  Pray she is big enough to get out of her infant car seat and into a regular forward facing car seat.  After all, she will be two.  But, what if my baby girl just isn’t big enough yet, then what?  I must make a slipcover that attaches to the top of the car seat, where her head rests, so this mess doesn’t happen anymore.  Would anyone out there buy one?  Or am I the only parent experiencing car seat tangled hair?

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