Change is Healthy

18 Jul 2018

Change is healthy for kids because it allows them to experience different things and learn how to adapt.  My oldest child has a hard time in BIG situations.  Big meaning overwhelming, loud with lots of people.  He is incredibly uncomfortable and will remove himself from the situation.  As a mother, I always feel bad when I see him playing by himself while my other two are right center in the middle of the group laughing and playing.  He watches from a distance trying to feel out the situation and once you explain to him what is happening and why people are being so loud he eventually will gravitate closer to the group.  Exposing him to change is healthy for him to learn about life, even if he is more introverted and reserved.  He can see that not all loud situations are bad.  We were recently on vacation with my entire family and we played our family Olympic games.  It is just a friendly competition amongst cousins and siblings.  It is a lot of fun and quite hysterical.  People were cheering and screaming and my son ran off to the side and away from the noise.  Grammy tried to get him to watch and his comment was I don’t want to, they are screaming over there.  Grammy responded with, they aren’t screaming, they are cheering for each other.  His response, cheering? Grammy: They are playing games.  Do you want to go see?  Come on I will walk over with you.  They held hands and walked over to see.  He didn’t stay long but he allowed himself to go and see what all the noise was about.  To the point, my son is sensitive to loud noise.  I don’t expect him to run into a group of people being loud next time, but the fact that he went over with a safe person to see what was going on and what cheering is all about left me feeling pretty proud of him.  Change is healthy.  Experiencing life is healthy.  Helping your kids work through their feelings by exposing them to change in a safe environment is healthy.

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