Diaper Wars loved by infants played by kids

14 Jun 2018

Kid’s love pulling things out of bags, buckets, toy chests, you name it.  So, why would I think diapers would be any different?  Not only are diaper boxes handy, apparently so are the bags diapers are stored in.  Or, anything else  you use to keep diapers organized in for that matter.  When my oldest first realized it was fun to pull diapers out of storage, I started a game called diaper wars.  Because diapers are soft and no one could get hurt, we would throw diapers as fast as we could at each other and laugh the whole time we were doing it.  Yelling “diaper wars!”  Hiding behind blankets, pillows, chairs, you name it, throwing the diapers at each other.  To this day, 4 years later, we still play this game, although mom now hates the end result(haha).  In addition to mommy being the culprit of this fun behavior, imagine now the diaper holders that come with the infant bedding you buy.  Yeah well, I always attach these to the cribs….  My oldest at the age of 14 months figured this out and since he knew about diaper wars, you can only imagine what I caught on camera and what I walked into after nap time.  Now with 3, luckily mom smartened up, however, every once in a while I bring back the magic of the old game diaper wars!  It really is a fun game that just progresses as they get older!   In addition, diapers actually make funny hats!  my 14 month old daughter loves crawling around with them on her head.  Off, On…infants can learn a lot by putting a diaper on their head so they can take it off and laugh.  Peek a boo, I mean these games are endless!  Please don’t try this at home unless they are clean diapers, LOL.  It really makes a difference.  (haha)

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