Expectation and discipline

30 Jun 2018

My oldest child always ceases to amaze me.  As long as I lay a plan ahead of time for him, he responds very well.  So for him, I always try to set the expectation.  I started him on ABC Mouse when he was two and he now is a wiz on the computer, or for that matter, anything having to do with technology.  As good as I think this is, it has its downfalls.  He becomes almost obsessed with the computer.  To some extent, it is good when discipling because the threat of losing it works so much better than a time out.  On the other hand, if he gets too much time on the computer, he becomes disobedient.  Kind of a catch twenty two.  What I have learned to do is when he happens to use the computer for longer than I would like, before he goes to bed I will explain to him that because he was on the computer for a while today, tomorrow will be a computer free day.  He actually is perfectly okay with it and offers up suggestions of things to do.  Let’s go to the Library or the park or the beach he will say.  Maybe we can go find a pot of gold, I will say.  🙂  And it becomes fun to talk about all the things we can potentially do the next day.  When he wakes up the next morning he is ready to go play, happy and delighted to go to the first place he mentions.  He even gets so excited he gets his brother on board.  He impresses me everyday.  My middle child listens too when and expectation is set with a reward.  It is amazing how well discipline can work in favor for the parents just by letting them know ahead of time and offering up something small for after the fact; like a game or a ride or a walk or a park.  It doesn’t have to cost anything but my full attention.

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