Hot Summer Days with Water

18 Jun 2018

I absolutely love summer.  We even recently put a pool in.  Having three children and a pool, well that is a little scary to me.  I remember as a kid having a sprinkler and I loved it.  You can even get all these crazy new sprinklers that throw the water everywhere.  Kids love these!  So much fun!  Water slides are even great, except for, when you get to the end you wind up with grass rash, haha.  And pool tables are the latest fad, along with sand tables.  What’s not to love!  You can stand along side the table, get soaked, and NOT have itchy grass all over you!  I mention all of these other options because the pool scares me, especially with three children.  It is fenced in and we have our rules: no entering the pool area unless you have a life jacket on, or swimmies, and  you must be accompanied by a parent.  And, the gate remains locked at all times, the key is hidden where only mommy and daddy know.  Call me crazy, I guess.  As if it isn’t hard enough getting the pool permit approved, add crazy mom to the equation and children can barely enjoy the pool.  🙂  The pool really is fun though.  Teaching my children how to move their legs and arms so they can move around the pool.  Having them jump in into mommy or daddy’s arms so they just barely go under, while knowing they are safe.  The shock of the cold water on your initial jump in.  I have always hated that part.  My children just laugh at me because I tell them to count to 3 about ten times before I finally make the leap but only to keep my children from thinking I am a chicken.  We throw toys in and then have to go get them only to have another someone throw them back into the pool.  It is so simple to keep children entertained but I will always go back to the water tables.  My children just absolutely love these!  Hours standing around playing, getting wet when they are hot, and just plain enjoying themselves the entire time.  So many ways to stay cool on these hot summer days.  All you really need is a hose.  🙂

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