Humor in Your Day

18 Apr 2019

When you have multiple children, you must have a little humor in your day. Life is never perfect. Usually, When we want everything to go smooth, it never does. Find your happy place and keep the humor in your day.

My oldest, now 5 years old, is finally starting to play by himself without constant attention. With his moments of defiance, I have learned he is really a funny kid.

A present was given to my middle child when he turned two. It is an egg that opens up and inside it has sticky eye’s, mouth’s, and other silly things which are fun. These sticky things are meant to go on the wobbly egg. My oldest decided he was going to take the silly faces and stick them to picture frames and our fish bowls (we have two and named them smiley and sunshine). I did not realize what he did until after putting them to bed. I started cleaning up and when I looked up after a trying day I began to laugh. There in front of me was a picture of my two boys with a silly mouth, tongue hanging out. Then I began to look around. My fish were smiling at me too. In this moment, I was cleaning up so at first I was a little beside myself, but then I just laughed. It never hurts to keep a little humor in your day and just laugh. I’m glad my boy is silly. I hope he stays that way forever. He made my day.

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