I Remember a Time

24 May 2018

I remember a time when I could wake up, relax with a cup of coffee, and then start my day.  Since 2014, the sleepless nights have caused the attempted late mornings.  I am woken up bright and early and they day begins, no coffee in sight.  There is no more easing into the day.  Let the fun begin!  A cup of coffee in hand, hoping I don’t spill it, and praying my oldest doesn’t wake up the other two.  Then I hear it, a wimper from one of the bedrooms and now two wide awake chidren running around the house.  “Mommy, Mommy come get me!”  “Shh, please quiet down, your sister is still asleep.”  My eyes half closed, I am now chasing my two children around trying to be as quiet as we can.  I am really hoping the coffee kicks in soon.  Number three is up.  I head up stairs to get her while I hear the other two crashing toys everywhere.  I am trying not to think about it.  I get the little one dressed and head downstairs with toothbrushes and clothes in hand.  Then I see it, pillows everywhere, toys everywhere.  Should I have everyone pick it up or jut finish getting everyone dressed and out the door because I know it will be all over the place again later?  Move on I think to myself.  Okay I am getting their teeth brushed.  It is such a challenge for my oldest.  He hates it!  “Count to 10, count to 10,” he says.  Finally, I am done.  My 1 year old keeps pushing me away with her hands, swirving her head I think she learns it from her brother!  Okay avoid the mess, get outside, keep going, coffee will kick in soon I just know it!  It is never easy in the morning but once you get a system down stick with it.  Phew!

I try to give my 4 year old his independence of choosing his own clothes but I have to admit it backfires on me when he brings down winter clothes in the middle of 80 degree weather.  I definitely need to be more organized and put winter clothes away in summer and summer clothes away in winter.  My 2 year old is pretty easy except when picking out socks.  I have now decided when he can’t make up his mind about Thomas or percy socks I let him wear one of each.  Problem solved!  My 1 year old once she has food, I can get her to do anything!  LOL

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