Innocence of a child

25 May 2018

The innocence of a child is great!  My kids constantly remind me of the simple things in life.  I wish everyone was that way.  But not only are they innocent and  simple, lacking in the knowledge of life’s experiences, they just plain make me laugh.  My 2.5 year old found a car that he loves to race which of course was practically thrown across my floors.  From one room to the next, there goes the blue car.  As he was enjoying playing with the car, my 4 year old grabbed it, which upset my 2.5 year old.  After explaining how to play with each other and the benefit both would get from doing so.  They started a new game of counting backwards to blast off before racing the car across the floor.  My 4 year old has to keep telling my 2.5 year old to count backwards and so I attempted to chime in and count backwards.  You know trying to teach.  As I step away from my 1 year old, I see my 2.5 year old , who is now being told again to count backwards to blast off, turn all the way around and start counting down, backwards.  Oh the innocence!  I love it!  Of course I chuckled and then began to explain what my oldest meant by counting backwards.  I never thought about the double meaning of things before.  Simplicity makes you think about it.  My 4 year old was throwing mulch at a tree with very deep crevices in the bark.  Once again, I walk over to my 4 year old and begin pretending that the bark has a maze.  You know exploring the imaginary play arena.  But when I said bark, he gave me a funny look while my 2.5 year old kinda tilted his head with a look of question and said, “bark?”  I immediately did the ahha and followed up with “what else barks?”  I got an immediate answer of “a dog!”  I laughed of course and then proceeded to explain how the outer most part of the tree is also called bark.  A dog barks and this is called bark, as I point to the tree.  These kids always keep me on my toes and boy do their facial expressions give it all away.  Love them!

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