Traveling with Children Gets Easier

23 Sep 2018

Having Handy Helpers

Traveling with children under age 5 gets easier.  My oldest, at 4.5 years old, is so helpful and the best part is he enjoys helping out.  My middle child, at 3 years of age, is also the same way.  Of course, my 18 month old just plain enjoys the interaction between her brothers.  It really is great to watch.  Having handy helpers make a vacation or errand a lot easier.  I always ask for their help.

Traveling with Children the Choice

But what really gets easier is choosing the vacations to take my family on.  Making sure they are entertained for long periods of time with little required activity from mom and dad becomes a crucial component in choosing a vacation. This of course comes from experience, Haha.  I say this with the most love for my children.  As parents, we also should be able to enjoy vacation. 

Old Orchard Beach Maine

We recently traveled to Old Orchard Beach Maine.  My husband planned it and I immediately got anxiety.  I want my kids to have the best time but the fear of not knowing what to expect made me nervous.  The waves, the under tow, sand in the eyes can I be prepared for what lies ahead?  Once I was on the beach, wow, I realized what I was missing.  Not only is it beautiful but my children are entertained!  This is the best vacation ever!  The kids played in the waves, with us along side them.  We built sand castles and moats.  The waves knocked us over and we laughed at each other.   For those parents out there who get a little anxious about traveling with your children.  Here is some advice.  Try different things for short periods of time.  This is for your sanity.  When you find the one that fits your family, it gets easier! 

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