Let’s Decorate and Get this Party Started

18 Oct 2018

Fall is always a busy time for decorating.  Normally, I do seasonal decorations but as my children get older I am changing my ways.  Now, I decorate for the holiday.  I want them to enjoy each holiday and really have fun with it.  I did not think it would be this fun.  After picking up Halloween decorations, my middle child and youngest and I began decorating.  Right when we came through the door, my middle child shouts out “let’s decorate and get this party started”.  My initial reaction was, “what did you say?”  As he repeated it, I laughed and agreed.  Let’s decorate and get this party started!  This is what the holiday’s should be about.  Imagination and fun.

Since I don’t have a ton of decorations (I hope to purchase over time), we pulled out the ones I had and let my children pick the locations of the others.  What a blast!  They had so much fun!  But the best part is the decorations are not the silent type.  So now my children are laughing and setting off this scary lantern non stop.  We even figured out that you don’t need to press the button all you really need to do is yell or bark.  haha  We have a las opsa who was apparently thirsty and barked at me.  I not only jumped because this dog never barks the lantern went off and scared everyone!  We all jumped and started laughing.  Of course, my youngest didn’t laugh, rather, she cried.  But once I explained to her what her feeling was, she warmed up a bit.  I think this may be another book…Let’s decorate and get this party started!  Aren’t holidays and birthdays about celebrating?  Let’s make the leading up to the celebration just as fun as the celebration.  And it doesn’t hurt to be a little jumpy and light hearted too.  haha Ahh!

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