Miniature Golf

18 Jul 2018

My oldest son and I needed some one on one time while on vacation so I took him miniature golfing.  It was so much fun, but I will say it does not go the way you think the game would normally go.  Normally, when you go miniature golfing, one person goes then the other person goes.  With a 4 year old, He goes then he goes again, then mommy goes and he plays mommy’s golf ball until its in the hole.  🙂  It was fun watching him and seeing how much fun he was having.  I let him do his thing so he could truly enjoy the game.  He would jump up and down and watch the group ahead of us.  He had so much patience waiting, I was proud of him.  Because it was his first time, I decided to be lax but when the end of our week came I planned an entire family miniature golf session.  Now, he learned you need to wait for everyone to finish before moving on and you can’t just play everyone’s ball.  Of course my 2.5 year old was there too, so he was having a great time picking his ball up and dropping it in the hole.  They enjoyed picking out their own color balls and they knew which ball was theirs and which one not to touch.  There is so much you can teach with miniature golf:  colors, taking turns, patience, and fun.  It’s been a long time since I last miniature golfed so enjoying it with MY family makes it just that much better!  Have you taken your kids miniature golfing this summer yet?

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