Oh my baby girl!  She barely slept the night before. 

11 Jun 2018

Oh my baby girl!  She barely slept the night before.  Then, she only slept an hour nap during the day.  At dinner time, she was staring blankly and not eating, think she is tired?  My husband took her upstairs to get her ready for bed, made her a bottle, and put her in for the evening.  She passed right out, of course only to wake up an hour and fifteen minutes later screaming for “Momma”.  It feels good when your babies want you but sometimes you have to do the hard thing and let them try to put themselves back to sleep.  Well, after fifteen minutes, I went in to her room because I knew she did not eat much for dinner and barely drank her bottle before passing out earlier.  I fed her the rest of her bottle, rocked with her, and laid her back in her crib.  She screamed, clearly unhappy with me.  She did not want to go to sleep, “MOMMA”!  After an hour of screaming at me, she got disturbingly quiet.  Did she fall asleep?  I picked up the monitor to check and she was sitting up, staring out her window, teddy bear cradled in her arms.  Her eyes droop, close, and open wide over and over again.  She is so tired but she will  not go to sleep.  Her eyes close, her body begins to slowly fall forward, then, she is up again staring out the window.  She begins to play with her blanket by rearranging its position over and over again.  She is trying to keep herself from falling asleep.  She is so stubborn.  Oh no I think she takes after me!  Finally, after two hours, she just can’t do it anymore.  Her body has made the plunge and she is on her belly, teddy bear under her arm, soundly sleeping.  This whole process started at five thirty, it is nine fifteen.  What a cutie!

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