One on One Time

25 Jun 2018

Having three children, I lose sight of the fact that they still need individual attention or one on one time.  I always try to keep us together when doing things because I want them to appreciate their family and siblings.  But I also realize, they just plain need to have your full undivided attention too.  For me, I realize it when my oldest starts acting out by hitting or pushing for no reason just to get my attention.  So, the other day when my husband got home from work, I looked at him and said “you got this, I’m going to take Hayden for a ride.”  He nodded his head and looked at me confused but I turned to Hayden and said “let’s go, we are going for a ride.”  He kept asking me where and all I said was it was a surprise.  He likes to throw rocks into the water so I took him to a reservoir close by.  When we got there, we immediately started exploring.  There were tons of lily pads and ducks and birds so we looked for frogs and turtles.  We found an algae island.  We through rocks into it and they just sunk.  We would look for the BIGGEST rock to throw in.  We found a hideout in a tree with a large opening in it.  We found a maze that was cut back for runners to run through.  and we kept finding different paths to get to the water.  It was only 45 minutes but it was the best 45 minutes.  We were able to spend one on one time together.  What a difference.  The following day my oldest didn’t want to go outside.  He wanted to look at pictures on the computer.  My middle child always wants to go out and my youngest was sleeping.  Instead of staying in, I took my middle child outside.  We played hide and go seek, explored around trees, followed a mulch path, found a big hole, swung together on swings.  We had a blast and it was only 40 minutes.  When I picked him up, he gave me the biggest hug ever.  It is the little things.  Find time, even if you think there isn’t.  I know my kids need it and I promise I will always find the time for each individually, one on one.

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