Peeing Outside

23 Jul 2018

Unfortunately, I allowed my oldest to pee outside.  Now it is a game.  My middle son watches him and now does it as well.  Although peeing outside is easy when you have 3 children going in separate directions, it has it’s drawbacks.  For example, when preschool decides to take the children outside and your child decides he will drop his pants and pee on the closest tree.  The teacher tells me they caught him before he started but that I needed to have a conversation with him about it.  OH BOY!  Or when, we went on vacation and the entire vacation my children would just drop their pants when they had to pee.  Oh yes, stand there and just pee.  Eventually, they did go to a designated area, which we had to do rather than fighting with them, and luckily people just laughed it off, but OH BOY!  We would eat outside at a picnic table and my middle child would pee on his seat and when he would tell us, our comment would be he needed to get down and pee.  We told him he couldn’t just pee on his seat.  After telling him this, he would drop to a standing position and just let it loose, under the picnic table.  OH BOY!  What I have learned from this is to think ahead.  If you don’t want your child to pee anywhere, don’t let them pee outside!  haha.  The best is when I will be cooking dinner and my oldest goes out on the deck and starts peeing through the rails.  What?!  Oh yes, it happens.  Conversations are great but when kids have fun doing things, it is very hard to break a bad habit.  Catch it before it becomes a habit otherwise you will spend an exponential amount of time trying to break the bad habit.

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