Pot of Gold

22 Jun 2018

Today I took the kids to a park.  We ended up looking for a pot of gold, a rainbow, and a leprechaun.  I love it!  It didn’t start out that way.  I always bring my children to the park and have them run the bases on the baseball fields, or play basketball on the courts, or go on an excursion looking for things.  We always pretend we are playing a real game.  I narrate a live game and it becomes fun for them.  We cheer the whole time we run.  After these things, we will usually go to the park and play on the slides, swings, and sand.  So we did the sports thing, then went to the park.  Played on slides and in the sand.  My oldest decided to drop his pants and pee in front of a group because I was preoccupied with my youngest.  Needless to say, I was embarrassed and some of the other children got an anatomy lesson.  I walked my son away and spoke to him about what he did.  I asked him where he goes to the bathroom.  He told me on the potty.  I asked him if, we are out somewhere, what do you do when you have to go potty?  He told me tell mommy.  He does know, but I think the act is fun for him.  Definitely, something I need to get a handle on.  I then walked him back to the group of people and made him apologize.  A bit embarrassing, but hopefully it will keep him from doing it again.  Anyway after all of this, we went on a hunt to find a pot of gold.  Walking all around, close to the woods, there we saw it a pot of gold (or stick).  Then a beautiful imaginary rainbow and sitting all alone on the branch of a tree was a leprechaun.  My middle child kept insisting the stick was a stick as my oldest and I kept explaining we were pretending.  After the 4th pot of gold we found, my middle child finally joined in.  He found lots of pots of gold and no leprechaun, LOL.  It is so good for children to imagine things!  You can see the excitement light up and their thoughts run wild!  We found hidden paths that led us to bridges.  Of course, we always incorporate some of their favorite television shows into the imagination.  My middle child would always shout out “let’s blaze!”  And off he goes, running as fast as he can!  What my children have yet to understand is they are mommy’s pot of gold.  And, although the rainbow may be faint some days, there is always a rainbow in the sky.

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