Potty Training Success

28 Sep 2018

Keep trying and you can achieve potty training success.  Challenges are never easy but when we persevere we can achieve potty training success.  It wasn’t until many battles and many attempted failures from bribery to explaining until I was blue in the face that it struck me as setting a day and never looking back.  My four year old fought me every step of the way.  He could do it, he just didn’t want to.  So finally, on his 4th birthday I said no more diapers, you go to the bathroom on the potty and wear big boy pants.  For whatever reason it stuck and it worked.  Potty Training Success!!!  So I did accomplish this one feat of getting him to wear underwear and not a diaper but we still had some work to do.  He still had a hard time with number 2.

Sitting and going potty has many feats for a young boy.  How do you do it without peeing on the floor?  How do you do it without peeing on the floor and sitting on a big boy potty because you are too big for the toddler seats anymore?  Well,  I explained, I endured the messy wipes, I picked him up from preschool with new clothes on twice and I finally realized it was time.  First the questions to my son, “why won’t you sit on the potty at school, are you afraid you are going to fall in?”  There it was the right question.  Yes, he was afraid to fall in.  Hmm, thinking back I had that same fear as a child but we didn’t have toddler seats.  I picked him up to sit him on the toilet and he stiffened every muscle in his body.  I had to force him into a bend and I explained how it was going to work.  I will hold on to you until you are comfortable and supporting yourself.  I will not let you fall in I promise.  You can do this.  You are a big boy now.  He looked at me and was shocked I wasn’t holding him anymore and then the sheer happiness that he was sitting all by himself.  We have never looked back.  Potty Training Success!  So proud of him overcoming his fears.

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