Potty Training

23 Jul 2018

The reality of it is sometimes it is easy and sometimes potty training is hard.  I went down the path of letting my boys tell me when they were ready, but this was not my initial approach.  My oldest was four before he really wanted to potty train.  It wasn’t that he couldn’t he just didn’t want to take away from whatever he was doing.  Bribery didn’t work.  I threatened to take things in the beginning and that didn’t work.  But on his 4th birthday I said, today is the day you wear underwear and use the potty.  He went along with it and we have never looked back.  My current 2 year old would watch his brother and be interested.  He would go sometimes and I thought he might be ready.  But, accident after accident happened and I realized he wasn’t there yet.  He will be 3 in a week and 2 weeks ago we started putting him in underwear.  He now has not had an accident and is so proud of himself when he goes.  I still remind him, but he is only 2 after all.  He goes sometimes on his own and then comes to tell me he went.  But my favorite thing about my 2 year old in potty training is he comes out with the most outrageous things.  I called out to him from another room and said why don’t you try to go pee.  His reply back was “do I have to pee?  Is it coming out?”  I said I don’t know do you, is it?  Then he pulled his pants down, bent over, and said “pee are you coming out”?  I wanted to die laughing.  I couldn’t stop laughing.  So now, we laugh while he goes saying, “pee are you coming out?”  I get it as a parent, not only are diapers expensive but it is exhausting at times.  With three children all 19 months apart, I haven’t slept in 5.5 years.  You can’t sleep when you are pregnant, lol.  Not sleeping, and for me not catching a break because I am a stay at home mom, I just wanted things to happen naturally because I am so exhausted.  But hang in there mom’s, there will come a day and things will just happen.

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