Rainy Day Aftermath

29 Jun 2018

Growing up as a child, do you remember it raining and just playing in it?  Getting completely drenched…how about the rainy day aftermath?  You aren’t just drenched, you are muddier than muddy can be.  There is nothing like it but the cringe of a parent as they see their child covered.  The mind races how can I clean up my child in the least messy way possible.  You immediately think shower..no, hmmm hose!  Yes that is it!  Hose, I mean after all, it is warm out, right?

Every morning I pick up the house, dust, vacuum, whatever needs cleaning.  As I was doing this, my children disappeared out the back door.  My littlest was whining at the screen.  When I opened the door to find the others, where do you think I found them?  In the mud of course, well one was in the mud, the other in the sandbox.  I am not sure which is worse, lol.  Covered head to toe.  At first I was kind of mad but then I thought about being a child.  These are the fun years!  Let it happen and let them enjoy it.  Because pretty soon they aren’t going to want to get dirty and I mean really how much fun is that!  Being care free, with limitations, is great for the soul!  So I picked up my littlest and brought her down into the sandbox with a big puddle of water in it and we all sat and played!  And yes, the hose came out in the end.  There was definitely baths that night!

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