Sick Children

20 Jun 2018

As a mother of 3 children, there is nothing worse than when they all get sick.  But of course, it never happens at the same time.  Whether it is minutes, hours, or days apart, it is a tough battle for any parent.  Most of the time, they don’t want to take their medicine and they just plain need constant attention.  I have resorted to bribery to get one of my children to take his medicine.  Whatever it takes to get him to, somewhat, be on board with mommy forcing the medicine in I do: goldfish, pretzels, cookies for breakfast, you got it!  My oldest, it doesn’t matter what I do, he will not take it.  He actually makes himself get sick.  And my youngest, well, she will take it but of course screaming the whole time.  The only time I am putting my children on antibiotics is if they absolutely need it.  I mean (1) why would I torture myself or my child with the act of administering medicine and (2) I want their little bodies to do what they need to do to fight the illness.  Our bodies are designed to do that.

Colds are almost worst than the stomach virus when your children are sick because they last so much longer.  As if it isn’t hard enough getting your child into a sleep pattern, throw a stuffy nose into the mix and those sleepless nights are here all over again.  And for a cold, you can really only treat it with nasal spray, an aspirator, humidifier, and a little elevation in their cribs.  But the elevation can be tricky.  I always find my child upside down or sideways because they roll around.  I have learned the slightest elevation works tremendously and, most of the time, they do not put themselves in an upside down position.  Now, if it is the stomach virus, this is just plain tricky.  Especially, if there is more than one involved.  Divide and conquer, this only works to a point.  My children always get this within hours of each other.  One gets it unexpectedly, then a couple hours later another.  If I am lucky, the third will get it 24 hours later.  When the first one gets it, it is everywhere.  If I walk away from him, he follows me now there is a trail.  I have learned to wait for the episode to be over, move him to a clean room with a bowl, and start cleaning up the war zone.  Just when I get this under control, the next child is up not feeling well.  So now, I am waiting for the moment my second child starts throwing up, just to have the other one start again.  Then the 2nd child starts.  Another mess to clean up, ugh!  Except now am trying to get my 2 year old to sit still while it is happening because I am helping the other one so he doesn’t make a mess.  Put them in the tub get them clean and now it is all over the tub and the rug because my 2 year old gets out and is running over to me as I am cleaning up to tell me he is throwing up.  LOL  It is always a funny situation when you look back at it.  I mean how can you get mad.  They need you and the only thing you can do is accept that it is going to be a messy night, with no sleep, and a lot of praying that the 3rd child doesn’t get it soon.  Stay asleep, please!

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