The children are finally asleep, phew!  What a day! 

13 Jun 2018

Evening after the chaos of the day.   The children are finally asleep, phew!  What a day!  I am relaxing with a piece of cheesecake and my favorite uplifting television programs, talent shows.  These people are so inspiring.  Its these people, who I see face their fears and overcome hardships, who make me strive to be a better mom for my children.  I think it is so important to teach faith.  Faith in yourself, that no matter what… you can achieve anything.  You may not know how or where to begin but life is a journey and sometimes it is those baby steps that make your dreams come true.  Faith leads you there.  Everyday I sit and watch my children play and learn and experiment with life, I think how beautifully amazing they are.  These shows inspire me to help my children discover their passion inside.  With my lack of sleep and my droopy eyelids, I try to show them excitement when we do things and creativity in making things.  I mean literally making anything out of something a simple as a cardboard box, empty diaper box.  haha  I will get to that in another post.  But truly, I want my children to believe in themselves no matter what.  Have that fire within to be a better person, work hard, fight for what you believe in.  There will always be something trying to hold someone back. Do not let the mind dictate your dreams but rather the heart.  The heart will never lie.  Love speaks volumes and love comes from the heart.  I love you my three little monkeys!

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