Words are powerful

30 Jun 2018

Throughout life everyone will face adversity.  WE each have a choice with how we handle it.  Words are powerful.  Negative words will eat you up inside if you choose to let them.  Or you can choose to leave them behind in the past.  Step over them like a break in the road.  They are not meant for you.  Words spoken in bad taste are just a reflection of the person speaking them.  It actually has nothing to do with you.  Do not make those words about you.  Rather move forward with confidence and strength, courage and faith; you are beautiful, you are worth it, you are going somewhere.  Take yourself on your journey.  Reflect that journey onto others.  Build others up and you will build yourself up.  Remind others they are worth it.  Help those who speak negatively, maybe not directly, but send it their way.  Positive words make a difference, speak up with love.

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