Field trip to the Orchard

5 Oct 2018

As a mom of 3, I never feel like I give enough individualized attention.  I try to schedule time for each child but something always comes up.  That is why when my preschooler had a field trip to the orchard I hopped on the opportunity.  Not only did this field trip give us an opportunity to enjoy each other without siblings fighting for my attention, we were able to enjoy learning something together.  It created a bond if even for a moment, and those moments I never want to lose.

So my oldest son gets nervous when faced with things he is unfamiliar with.  This causes him to miss out on life and it breaks my heart.  On the field trip to the orchard, he got really upset when we arrived because we were going on a hayride.  He thought the hayride was going to be loud and it threw him into a whirlwind.  He became so emotional that I couldn’t talk sense to him.  And as I was torn about what to do and what to say, I tried something most parents might balk at.  I bribed him.  If you give this hayride a try, I promise I will stop and get you a treat on the way home.  He was still upset so I also told him he needed to try to be quieter with his crying.  He got on the hayride and when the tractor started up he realized it wasn’t as loud as he had thought.  Although he wouldn’t ride next to me, he rode on my lap and the fact that he did it made me so proud of him.  I know I shouldn’t use bribery to coax him into doing things but it is the one thing that resonated.  In addition, in the past when he was younger, I thought he had sensory issues and it was always in the back of my mind.  I am not a psychologist and maybe it was because it wasn’t loud which made it okay but I would think there would be no convincing him if he had sensory concerns.

We went on the hayride and had such a great time!  We picked apples and ate apples while we picked.  He had a great time and loved the hayride.  We couldn’t have asked for a better field trip to the orchard.  And one thing I realized is the more I participate in school activities the more quality time I get with my bugga butt.

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